Sailing Ships on Labels

Jiří Hájíček

Jiří Hájíček: Sailing Ships on Labels

Original title: Plachetnice na vinětách

Genre: novel


Host, 2020

ISBN: 978-80-275-0209-7

Pages: 296

Rights sold to:

Germany (Karl Rauch Verlag)


The distance between people can be endless


Marie, a divorced, forty-seven-year-old university lecturer in literature, has ended up spending the summer in her sister’s half-empty apartment in Český Krumlov. From there, she drives out to the country to visit her parents, who are seriously ill. In her free moments, she braves the hordes of tourists in Krumlov’s historical, picturesque streets—which is where she meets Filip, a young bookseller. The early days of their romance are redolent of hot July days and numerous literary connotations.

But nothing is more important to Marie right now than straightening out her relationship with her sister and taking care of their parents, the father dominant, the mother mild-mannered and self-sacrificing. Plus, she must get used to her solitude – which is like being stuck in a time warp pregnant with memories, and also serves notice of old age. As she looks back on the family tradition of strong male role models, Marie asks herself where her life should go next, and what she should do with her ‘Shakespearean love’…    

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