Things Whose Time Has Come

Petra Soukupová

Petra Soukupová: Things Whose Time Has Come

Original title: Věci, na které nastal čas

Genre: novel


Host (to be published in November 2020)

ISBN: 978-80-275-0390-2


Life can’t be planned, or even prepared for… Again, Petra Soukupová has put the everyday life of a family under the microscope.


Alice and Richard have been living together for fifteen years. Theirs was maybe never a great love, or, if it was, maybe this love has been extinguished by the humdrum everyday. In any case, they should stay together for their two children, Charlie and Lola. Now twelve, Charlie is starting to have more than he can take of his parents. Lola, ten, wants nothing in the world more than a dog. With everything muffled by the soft blanket of routine, nothing terrible happens to anyone. You wouldn’t call it happiness, but you can live with it.

But then Richard falls in love – deeply and passionately. It seems to him that he has never known anything like it; then again, he may be going through a midlife crisis. Alice doesn’t much care one way or the other. But all certainties are blown, and Charlie and Lola must think a thought no child likes to think. Is Richard going to leave them? Whatever happens, nothing will be as it was.

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