Cowardly Heroes

Simona Bohatá

Simona Bohatá: Cowardly Heroes

Original title: Zbabělí hrdinové

Genre: short stories


Host, 2023

ISBN: 978-80-275-1596-7

Pages: 200


Each of us is the guilty party in our own life.


Any love can end in infidelity, any relationship between neighbours in a crazy dispute, any dream of success in going bust. It matters little how much the husband and wife loved each other at first, what lies at the root of their squabbles, or how much true talent there is in each of them. Simona Bohatá’s book of short stories shows the lives of the protagonists without mercy but with insight and understanding – as though she were still sitting at the old carpet-beating rack among the tenements. There will always be cowardly heroes, because we are they, stumbling over the roots of our own doubt, inadequacy and – curiously enough – occasional heroism.   

Is not the term “fate” just a compassionate excuse for human weakness?

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