Ignis fatuus

Petra Klabouchová

Petra Klabouchová: Ignis fatuus

Original title: Ignis fatuus

Genre: novel


Host, 2024

ISBN: 978-80-275-2045-9

Pages: 335


Horror story set in the magical Bohemian Forest, where life and death are on intimate terms


It is the late 1970s. In a restricted area along the River Křemelná in the Bohemian Forest, an ancient legend comes back to life. With increasing frequency, border guards are reporting sightings of a strange luminous phenomenon. Suspicion is growing that the West is hatching a hostile plan, of which the phenomenon is a part. Meanwhile, ages-old tales of will-o’-the-wisps and bodiless entities are doing the rounds. To investigate the sightings, a scientific expedition is sent to places where access has been restricted for decades. The scientists are confident of finding a reasonable explanation, but others fear that they will lose their minds in the mysterious wetlands. Is it all the work of fatigue and nature, or is some ancient force truly playing cat and mouse? In a locality that never forgets, every soul carries its personal and ancestral past. This time, the Bohemian Forest is out for revenge.       

Petra Klabouchová about her book:

"After By the North Wall, I wanted to play a little more with fantasy and test the power of words, as well as to find out if my writing could scare the reader and ages-old mysteries that terrified generations of our ancestors could scare us. For years I collected mystery stories from my native Bohemian Forest, so giving rise to this horror mystery that wishes to be something more than a fairy tale for adults."    

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