Someone With a Knife

Irena Dousková

Irena Dousková: Someone With a Knife

Original title: Někdo s nožem

Genre: novella


Hynek 2000

ISBN: 80-86202-71-2

Pages: 115


Story of a young woman going through a deep emotional crisis. From outside, she seems to be living in a traditional and well-organised marriage and her life does not defy the common pattern: husband who earns quite good money but is not with her most of the time, isolation in her household, children. Even though she loves her husband and children, she is not content with her situation. She describes her life in diary-style notes and seeks a way out.


"The notes reproduce plausibly the contemporary phrasing used most often by the younger and middle-aged generations with a dynamic drive and a lot of wit. (...) The overall impression of the new book by Irena Dousková is more than a good one thanks to her handling of leitmotif and sketches, as well as the compositional frame of the novel."
Lubomír Machala, Lidové noviny

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