Goldstein Writes to his Daughter

Irena Dousková

Irena Dousková: Goldstein Writes to his Daughter

Original title: Goldstein píše dceři

Genre: novella


Melantrich 1997, Druhé město 2006

ISBN: 80-7227-253-5

Foreign editions:

Spanish (Luzam, Mexico, 2014, Gloria Čejka)


A book of subtle epistles sent from Israel by an ageing film director, the emigrant Goldstein, to his daughter in Prague. The letters gradually shed light on the course of Goldstein´s life as well as the inconsistencies in his relationship with his daughter. This relationship has been established far too late; the reader compares his idealized imaginations with the reality of their actual and often conflicting encounters. This tragicomic story of love and self-love takes place in the recent past –in the 1980’s and 1990’s.


"This slim book is a surprisingly mature and intellectually inspiring psychological study."
Irena Zítková, Literární noviny

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