Orfeus from Koenig

Jiří Kratochvil

Jiří Kratochvil: Orfeus from Koenig

Original title: Orfeus z Kénigu

Genre: short stories


Atlantis 1994

ISBN: 80-7108-061-6

Pages: 188


This book contains shorter works of prose written over a period of more than twenty years, from the mid 1960’s to 1990, the year after the revolution. The reader is presented with the author’s complete work to that second date, arranged retrospectively against the flow of time from the most recent works to the oldest. An uneasiness, which penetrates everything and envelops the world, is the unifying characteristic of this collection of Kratochvil’s works.


"The result is a collection of precisely shaped short stories, well-balanced compositionally, linguistically and stylistically."  
Tomáš Kubíček, Lidové noviny

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