Jiří Kratochvil

Jiří Kratochvil: Avion

Original title: Avion

Genre: novel


Atlantis 1995, Druhé město 2007

ISBN: 80-7227-255-1

Pages: 200


Egon Hostovský Prize 1996


"Because I am not able to create a multifunctional novel which would be a literary, visual, musical, theatrical and dance work all that at the same time, I have settled here for the making of a connection between literature and architecture. My novel Avion is a novelistic model of the Avion hotel – one of the most remarkable buildings in the town of Brno, designed by the architect Bohuslav Fuchs . It has its ten floors, vertical openings from one chapter into another, it is simply complicated in its functionalism, its narrative space is narrow but also dense, and there is a terrace-like view from the last (tenth) chapter. And now it is the architects´ turn to build a hotel inspired by a novel of mine, let´s say Nocturnal Tango / Noční tango." – Jiří Kratochvil


"Avion is written by a virtuoso hand, by a man who lives by literature and for literature, extracting and digesting his experiences and transforming them – not just with his mind, but somehow with his whole personality – into works that take a unique place in the world of contemporary Czech literature."  
Josef Chuchma, MF Dnes

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