Declaration of Love to/from the Nature of the Story

Jiří Kratochvil

Jiří Kratochvil: Declaration of Love to/from the Nature of the Story

Original title: Vyznání příběhovosti


Petrov 2000

ISBN: 08-7227-089-3

Pages: 232


This book contains several dozen texts arranged into four parts , with the emphasis on texts written in the second half of the 1990’s. The first part is a confession, the second expresses the author’s opinions on Czech literature of the past fifty years, while the third part is devoted mainly to the work of Ivan Vyskočil and Milan Kundera. The closing passage is of a more general character. The whole book is actually a variation on a single theme – the mystery of the story.


"Unlike many academic literary theoreticians, Kratochvil is himself a "master of the pen" and his writings are very readable, many of them highly impressive and stirring. He has the ability to express many things (not just about literature) with brilliant conciseness. (...) His deep style is thus addressed to readers whose interest in literature is “untrained”, “sensitive”, “moderately-deep” –anybody can find answers to many of their questions in Kratochvil. Including questions that they never really thought of asking."  
Ondřej Bezr, Rock a pop

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