Nostalgic and Ironic Brno

Jiří Kratochvil

Jiří Kratochvil: Nostalgic and Ironic Brno

Original title: Brno nostalgické i ironické

Genre: short stories


Petrov 2001

ISBN: 80-7227-106-7

Pages: 190


The book shows the city of Brno of the everyday as well as some of its unique moments, and as such it is something like a distant pendant to Ripellin’s celebrated Magical Prague. The difference is that the Ripellin’s view of the city is determined by the famous past of Prague as a city of poets and architectural beauty , while Nostalgic Brno is more of a memoir of the humdrum of city life, where the magical mirror has nostalgia and irony as its counterparts. And indeed, all the writings in the book oscillate between these two poles.


"The columns of Jiří Kratochvil are the proper literary gems of the newspaper pages. (...) A harmoniously composed collection of literary remarks, comments, contemplations, anecdotes, absurdities and fantasies all relating to Brno and its surroundings."  
Jaromír Slomek, Lidové noviny

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