Turquoise Eagle

Michal Ajvaz

Michal Ajvaz: Turquoise Eagle

Original title: Tyrkysový orel


Hynek 1997

ISBN: 80-85906-55-4

Pages: 162

Foreign editions:

Russian (Azbuka, 2004), Croatian (Profil, 2013)


This volume contains the novels White Ants / Bílí mravenci  and Zeno’s Paradoxes /Zénonovy paradoxy, both of which succeed in carrying the reader away to worlds that are different, strange, unusually interesting and attractive, and which reach beneath the surface of everyday life.
The narrator encounters people who tell him life stories beyond the bounds of our experience, thus creating a space for adventure. In White Ants indecipherable motifs, such as disturbing sounds, the melody of an unknown musical instrument, an ancient script or a strange type of ant are all sources of anxiety.
In Zeno´s Paradoxes, life is also reflected as a confusion of oppressive games. A student of philosophy here recounts a hallucinatory story about a city located in the middle of the ocean, populated by gods and demons.

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