Short Bedtime Stories for Tired Parents

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: Short Bedtime Stories for Tired Parents

Original title: Krátké pohádky pro unavené rodiče

Genre: children´s book


Druhé město 2007

ISBN: 978-80-7227-262-4

Pages: 72

Foreign editions:

Belarussian (internet magazine Prajdzisvet, 2012), Estonian (Egmont, 2013), Polish (Czuły Barbarzyńca, 2015), Slovenian (Narava, 2016)


In the voluminious works of Michal Viewegh we meet bedtime stories for the first time. He writes about four-year old Sára and her two-year old sister Bára, not forgetting their Mummy and Daddy. In comparison with lengthy classical stories for children these stories have the advantage of brevity – each can be read comfortably in ten minutes. In addition to this they harbour comments of a more caustic nature – which will be valued by adults particularly. It is difficult to say if this book is meant for kids in the first place, or for parents. With these fairy-non-fairy tales both parents and children have a slice of the action; they are written in such a way that nobody gets bored. The book is generously illustrated by Radka Folprechtová.

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