Is Soil to be Eaten?

Jakuba Katalpa

Jakuba Katalpa: Is Soil to be Eaten?

Original title: Je hlína k snědku?

Genre: novella


Paseka 2006

ISBN: 80-7185-816-1

Pages: 112


shortlisted for Magnesia Litera in the Newcomer of the Year category, 2007


This work of prose by a young woman writer is written with exceptional strength of expression. The narration of the main hero Nina cursorily depicts the history of her family, yet its focus is on a present populated with a husband, lovers and a female lover. It is a story about searching for a way to the self, and it is told with uncompromising openness. The sequence of short, dense episodes allows random change in time and plot, creating contrasts, indicating parallels, evoking atmosphere by suggestion. This short novella surprises by its range and depth and captivates by its unusual subject matter and composition.

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