Rights sold in 2020

Rights sold in 2020

Another year has started really successfully for our agency when it comes to the rights sold. Just a few weeks of this new year have passed, and we could show off with quite a few new contracts concluded with foreign publishers.

Let’s add that in 2019 we achieved a total number of 48 deals in countries including such popular destinations for Czech books in translation as Poland, Macedonia, Slovenia and Germany, as well as some more exotic places in this respect (India and Vietnam). The most successful authors according to the number of titles sold to foreign publishers are Alena Mornštajnová and Michal Ajvaz (eight deals each), Petra Soukupová and Viktorie Hanišová (six deals each).

For the near future we are really curious to see what  2020 will bring our authors and their books. Hopefully the score will be even higher than last year.

Rights sold in 2020:

Miloš Doležal: Čurda z Hlíny, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Poland

Matěj Hořava: Pálenka, Curtea Veche, Romania

Alena Mornštanová: Tiché roky, Amaltea, Poland

Nela Rywiková: Dům č. 6, Edizioni le Assassine, Italy

Kateřina Tučková: Žítkovské bohyně, Text, Russia

Pavel Čech: Velké dobrodružství Pepíka Střechy, Begemot, Macedonia

Pavel Čech: Velké dobrodružství Pepíka Střechy, Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, Russia

Jan Němec: Možnosti milostného románu, Corpus, Russia

Viktorie Hanišová: Rekonstrukce, Al Arabi, Egypt

Petra Dvořáková: Vrány, Stara Szkoła, Poland

Petra Dvořáková: Chirurg, Stara Szkoła, Poland

Michal Ajvaz: Města, Stara Szkoła, Poland

Alena Mornštajnová: Tiché roky, Ergo, Bulgaria

Pavel Čech: Velké dobrodružství Pepíka Střechy, Perseus, Bulgaria

Pavel Čech: O čertovi, Perseus, Bulgaria

Lenka Brodecká: Hledá se hvězda, Perseus, Bulgaria

Petra Soukupová: Klub divných dětí, Perseus, Bulgaria

Alena Mornštajnová: Slepá mapa, Muza, Macedonia

Alena Mornštajnová: Hotýlek, Muza, Macedonia

Petra Stehlíková: Naslouchač, Stara Szkoła, Poland

Petra Stehlíková: Faja, Stara Szkoła, Poland

Jan Němec: Možnosti milostného románu, Al-Turjman for Translation & Publishing, Egypt

Pavel Čech: O zahradě, Begemot, Macedonia

Iva Hadj Moussa: Šalina do stanice touha, Stara Szkoła, Poland

Petra Dvořáková: Vrány, Muza, Macedonia

Petra Soukupová: K moři, Treći Trg, Serbia

Petra Stehlíková: Naslouchač, Audioteka, Poland (audiorights)

Petra Stehlíková: Faja, Audioteka, Poland (audiorights)

(updated 12th May)


25. 2. 2020