Host Publishers - Foreign Righs Catalogue Autumn 2021

Host Publishers - Foreign Righs Catalogue Autumn 2021

You might say that Czech fiction is Host Publishing’s family silver. In terms of drama and thematic range, stories by Czech authors are worthy competitors for the best writing from elsewhere, and as such they reach more readers every year – in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Books by the most successful Czech authors are translated into twenty-odd languages (for more on this, see pp. 10-11); on the home market, they sell in the hundreds of thousands.

Host is always on the lookout for stories of many different kinds. Alongside its well-known authors it places authors for whom renown surely lies ahead. Places to which this autumn’s new Czech fiction will take us include a crumbling workers’ colony where life goes on in the margins, the heart of the Bohemian Forest, and distant Taiwan. Hidden pain will be revealed. Criminal cases will be unravelled. Sense in the everyday will be sought, as will forgiveness and reconciliation. As usual, additions to Host’s list include new works of SF and fantasy, books for children, and nonfiction.

It seems to us that you are almost certain to find something for your list among our new publications!

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6. 10. 2021