Host Publishers - Foreign Rights Catalogue Autumn 2022

Host Publishers - Foreign Rights Catalogue Autumn 2022

Petra Dvořáková, Jan Němec and Viktorie Hanišová are among the most successful writers represented by our agency. Their brand-new books are the leading titles of the Host Publishers Autumn catalogue.

Petra Dvořáková about her book The Garden / Zahrada:

‘Maybe I’m exploring the line between a weakness that a person ‘has’ and where this weakness is a part of the self. In my previous work, Crows / Vrány, the narrative was weighted towards childhood, which is always pure and innocent. In The Garden, I tell the story of an adult who has done a lot of living, some of it good, some of it bad, as tends to happen. Whereas Barunka in Crows could rely on the reader’s support, for the protagonist of The Garden I’d say sympathy is harder to find.’


Jan Němec about his book Lilliputin. Stories from a War / Liliputin. Povídky z války:

‘The war fuelled me with an anger I needed to write about. I wanted to know what fiction can do right now – without the benefit of hindsight, without separation by several hundred kilometres. I wrote five stories – two of the west, two Ukrainian, one Russian – as someone might light one cigarette after another. They all talk about war, but it’s not always clear who the enemy is.’


Viktorie Hanišová about her book Sunday Afternoon / Neděle odpoledne:

‘If we assume that each of us is a product of past actions, we are all to some extent victims of our parents. We tend to see things from our own traumatized perspective, and we often lack understanding for the viewpoints of others. Multiperspectivity can lead to greater tolerance, so promoting mutual understanding.’    

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12. 10. 2022