A History of Light in eight languages

A History of Light in eight languages

In the course of the last few months, Jan Němec’s novel about the photographer František Drtikol A History of Light was published in eight foreign languages:

Bulgarian (Colibri, September 2016), Serbian (Clio, November 2016), Macedonian (Antolog, December 2016), Polish (Książkowe Klimaty, January 2017), Croatian (Ljevak, February 2017), Hungarian (Noran Libro, May 2017), Italian (Safara Editore, May 2017) and finaly Slovenian (Police Dubove, October 2017).

Four more editions are currently being prepared - rights have already been sold to Fan Noli (Albania), Lasitava (Latvia), Jantar Publishing (United Kingdom) and Errata naturae editors (Spain).

We might add that this novel also received two literary prizes (European Union Prize for Literature and Czech Book Award), and was shortlisted for two more (Magnesia Litera in the Prose category and Josef Škvorecký Prize).

More about the book here.

1. 8. 2017