Host Publishers - Foreign Rights Catalogue Spring 2024

Host Publishers - Foreign Rights Catalogue Spring 2024

This year's Host spring catalogue presents publishers abroad with seven new books. Readers of novels by the prestigious Host publishers’ Czech authors will this time be visiting a wonderful chalet in the Jizera Mountains, the Šumava moors, a seemingly peaceful Moravian Slovak village and sunny Greece.

There’s no lack of humour, but there’s also a generous helping of fear, the latter supplied by Petra Klabouchová in her latest novel – with the main role in this gripping horror story, Ignis fatu­us, being played by her native Šumava, where she has already taken readers in her very successful Sources of the Moldau / Prameny Vltavy. Iva Hadj Moussa also has a new novel out. In Heavy Souls / Těžké duše, she takes aim (again with her trademark wit) at an aging white man who fails to understand himself and the present-day world, though luckily there's a guitar and friends to hand!

Which of the authors of the new books presented in this catalogue is going to follow up on the success of those who have already been most translated? It’s a great challenge to outdo Alena Mornštajnová and Kateřina Tučková, who now have translations in over twenty languages.

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18. 5. 2024